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Information and analytical features

Geoanalitika.Аgrо – cloud-based geoinformation service enabling agricultural monitoring and automated analysis to foster effective business decisions.

Growing conditions

  • Agrometeorological conditions
  • Relief
  • Soils


  • Assessment of vegetation conditions
  • Parameters of plant growth
  • Parameters of vegetation growth

Land Resources

  • Agricultural land

Satellite Images

  • Optoelectronic satellite images
  • Radar satellite images


  • Optical and radar remote sensing data compatibility
  • Automated import of available remote sensing data
  • Automatic processing of remote sensing data including atmospheric correction, cloud and shadow masking
  • Automatic calculation of spectral indices for vegetation state analysis
  • Near-real-time monitoring of state and conditions of vegetation growth
  • Qualitative assessment of vegetation state
  • Environmental peculiarities (relief, climate, soils) considering
  • Automated import and near-real-time analysis of metadata
  • Calculation of deviations of meteorological parameters from the perennial norms
  • Online analytical calculations of monitoring indicators
  • Interactive visualization: maps, charts, reports
  • Necessary functionality to work with spatial data: coordinates, distance measuring, scaling
  • Access through the web interface or API
Web-interface for mapping